J. Gile Dairy Equipment, Inc. has been in business since 1975 and has spanned two generations.  We serve dairy producers in southwest Wisconsin and northwest Illinois.  In the beginning we were a Surge dealer, however like the dairy industry things have evolved.  Through acquisitions, today we are a GEA Farm Technologies dealer.  In addition to GEA we also handle Mueller, Norbco, Sikkema, and Proactive Solutions USA hygiene products.  Efficiency is the key on today’s dairy farm so quality premiums and minimal downtime is a must.  We are about getting quality milk from the cow to the tank.

In 2003 we launched our sister company Southwest Dairy Systems, Ltd.  Southwest Dairy Systems, Ltd. services and installs Dairymaster milking equipment.  SWD serves dairy producers in southwest Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa, and northwest Illinois.  SWD was the first Dairymaster dealer in the Midwest and has the longest running systems in the upper Midwest.  We have installed everything from stanchion barn updates to three swing 20 parlors under one roof and the first Dairymaster bulk tank in the United States.    Dairymaster is a family owned company from Ireland and is a great fit because the values carry through.