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Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Systems

A complete line of vacuum pumps and accessories for every dairy

  • Lobe style vacuum pumps
  • Rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Variable speed vacuum pump controller
  • Vacuum regulators
  • Vacuum gauges and accessories
Vacuum On-Demand

Vacuum On Demand™

Variable speed vacuum pump for precise control.

Classic 300 Evolution Milking Unit

Classic 300 Evolution Milking Unit

The industry standard… now enhanced for today’s cows. Revised milk inlet positions for narrow to normal rear teat position. Virtually indestructible design. Maintains stable vacuum level with high flow rates.

IQ Milking Unit

A smarter way to milk cows. Maximum milk quality. Improved udder health. Faster milk out times. More reliable performance. Quieter operation. Easy maintenance.

Pulsation Systems

Setting the standard for durable and consistent pulsation. Detacher controlled and Master controlled. Vacuum operated.

Magnum 90i™ VL

Elevate your milking operation to new heights with the vertical lift!

 AutoRotor Global

GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor™ Global

The solution to performance. Proven AutoRotor efficiency and reliability. Choice of 90° parallel or 70° angled stalls. Superior performance and convenience features. Compatible with all milking equipment from GEA Farm Tech


DeMax and DemaTron for Stanchion/Tie Stall Barns

Your solution for portable milking management. Built-in pulsation with Stimopuls option. End-of-milking indication. Automatic detacher (DeMax 50T and DemaTron 50T). Milk yield display (DemaTron 50T).

 Touchstone Detacher

Touchstone Detacher

A practical choice for any parlor. Accurate, reliable monitoring. Simple push-button control. Widest range of milk settings. Rugged stainless steel construction.

Metatron 21

Metatron 21

A quantum leap — for over 20 years Metatron milk monitoring systems have led the industry in accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Now, GEA Farm Technologies offers Metatron 21 — the next generation that extends our lead in milk metering technology.

Choice of control — Metatron Premium 21 or Metatron Select 21 for real-time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management.

Accurate records for each cow — both Metatron 21 models measure total milk yield, maximum and average milk flow and milking time for each individual cow. When linked to DairyPlan C21, Metatron 21 also calculates production, tracks veterinary actions, feeding data, days in lactation, days pregnant and other information.

Complete control at your fingertips — Metatron Premium 21 has a fully functional display showing milk quantity, milking time, heat activity, stimulation, conductivity and much more. Metatron Select 21 allows for all of the same data collection as the Premium control with only the cow number and/or milk weight displayed cowside. Instant data access.

Demax & Dematron Detachers

DeMax and DemaTron Detachers

Simply smart detacher systems for all milking parlors Designed for dependable performance and minimal maintenance. Rugged construction to perform in tough environments. Choice of proven flow sensors or milk meters.



The intelligent solution for starting the automatic detacher. Starts the detacher by lifting the milking unit. Speeds the milking unit attachment process. Improves operator comfort. Reduces operator fatigue.

KoolWay Milk Tank

KoolWay® Milk Tank

Superior protection for your valuable milk. Full line of milk tanks from 1000- to 8000-gallon capacity. Manufactured at our modern, dedicated tank facility in Galesville, Wisconsin. Greater cooling capacity and sturdy, long-lasting construction.

Tank Control Wash System

Tank control/wash system

Fully programmable — allows custom settings for optimum cooling and washing performance.

Controls up to four condensing units in three stages — reduces energy costs and helps prevent milk from freezing.

Adjustable interval agitation — can be programmed to customers’ requirements to give more consistent samples in the tank.

Remote display unit available — choose the complete contained unit or the remote display unit which allows the electrical components to be installed in a dry utility room.

KoolWay Plate Kooler

KoolWay® T-4/T-8 Plate Koolers

Uses well water to cool milk — saves energy costs; improves efficiency of large bulk tank coolers. Wall or floor mounted — fits any milk room. Available in a number of sizes — designed to fit most any size dairy. All stainless steel construction — plates are made of 316 TI stainless steel to resist chlorine and pressure; attractive, durable and easy cleaning. Less restrictive flow design — cools more milk, faster. Snap-in gasket design — easier to assemble and re-assemble.



Heat recovery units. Recovers up to 60% of heat rejected by refrigeration or air conditioning systems. Stores hot water. Saves energy. Stainless steel, peripheral heat exchanger.

ProMotion™ Crowd Gate

Smooth operation moves large groups efficiently. Built rugged to handle large groups. Air powered efficiency and safety. Smooth operation. Reduces labor.


Time Saver Cow Trainer

An economical solution for any small to medium sized holding area. Simple installation. No air compressor system. Adapts to most buildings easily.

DairyPlan C21

Herd and parlor management system. Comprehensive production and health data. Integrated monitoring and control of parlor systems. User-friendly displays and accurate reports.


Compass Plus™ Wash Control Center

Optimizes water and chemical use. Easy-to-program customized settings. Optional temperature monitoring. Rugged construction for longer life.


Swiftflo Revolver Rotary

Our Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver Rotary parlour is the world’s most advanced rotary parlour system. All of our technology in conventional parlours may be utilized in this system as well as many new developments in this unique design.

Swiftflo Swing

Dairy Farmers choose this milking system based on its ease of operation and high throughput in terms of cows per hour and litres/pounds of milk per operator per hour. Operator and cow comfort are second to none as these parlours are designed to provide maximum comfort with a view to increasing efficiency and throughput.

Computer Management

View our range of computer management solutions including the Dairymaster Milk Manager parlour management software, our unique VoiceAssist communication tool, the Farm Messenger GSM device and our heat detection system the MooMonitor.



Dairymaster Integrated AutoDrafting is a cow sorting system which is unrivalled in terms of performance and build quality. It is available in a choice of 2-way and 3-way integrated autodrafting systems which may be combined when more segregation options are required.



Extensive research brings the Dairymaster Cluster second to none for increased yield and reduced slippage which delivers excellent performance characteristics. The Dairymaster Cluster has developed a well deserved name for being the best on the market.

Backing Gate

 Backing Gate

Dairymaster has a wide range of backing gates, depending on collecting yard design and customer requirements.


 SwiftCool Bulk Tanks

The Dairymaster  SwiftCool  Milk Tanks have 20%  thicker insulation as standard resulting in less heat loss.  There is extremely low thermal conductivity with our insulation and it is an environmentally friendly low GWP foam system.  Each tank has a sturdy chassis design and each leg  of the tank is rated to 12 tons.


Milk Coolers

Mueller milk coolers are built of polished stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. They feature double-wall construction to maintain temperatures, and they utilize our exclusive Temp-Plate heat transfer surface for maximum cooling power and low energy costs. Available in 13 sizes from 600 to 8,000 gallons to suit the needs of large and small operations, Mueller milk coolers also come standard with heavy-duty agitators and automatic washing systems. They can be adapted to your operational needs with the Mueller refrigeration and control systems providing the most suitable range of features.

An automatic, electronically controlled washing system cleans and sanitizes all milk contact surfaces. Various control system options are available to meet your specific needs. All Mueller washing systems utilize the spray dish technology, instead of spray ball devices which eventually clog during operation.

The agitation system ensures the proper blending and even temperature distribution of milk prior to and during milking, as well as for samples. The agitator assembly consists of a heavy-duty gear drive and a paddle with a milk sweep design. Two agitator assemblies come standard on 3,000-gallon model coolers and larger.

Accu-Therm® Plate Heat Exchanger

Lets you use your existing water supply to precool warm milk before putting it in your milk cooler. The Accu-Therm will cut the operation time of your refrigeration system up to 50% and save energy and money while enhancing your milk quality.

Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers consist of a series of stainless steel plates compressed in a frame. The plates are separated by gaskets that form flow channels on opposite sides of each plate. Cool water flows down the channel on one side while warm milk flows up the other side. The milk’s temperature drops as it transfers its heat to the cool water on the opposite side of the plate. The plate heat exchanger’s design provides extremely efficient performance for fast precooling.

 E-Star HiPerForm refrigeration system

The proprietary technology of the E-Star HiPerForm refrigeration system makes it the most energy-efficient milk cooling system in the world. The HiPerForm features a proprietary subcooling valve designed to flood the entire milk cooler evaporator with subcooled liquid refrigerant. This process maximizes efficiency by utilizing the entire evaporator surface for cooling and eliminating the inefficient superheated vapor refrigerant found in conventional refrigeration systems.

Additionally, the HiPerForm refrigeration system enables the compressor to operate at significantly cooler temperatures for longer compressor life, less maintenance, less energy consumption, and incomparable refrigeration efficiency. The HiPerForm is the most cost-effective way to cool milk with a scroll refrigeration unit. The Mueller E-Star HiPerForm outperforms all other milk cooling units in terms of reliability, efficiency, and value.

A Mueller Sentry® III

A Mueller Sentry® III control panel helps you ensure the quality of your milk by managing the essential blending, cooling, and cleaning functions of your cooler with a range of features to allow you to select the level of control that’s right for your business.

Mueller Sentry III is the industry’s most advanced control system. It can be programmed for any milking schedule with exact cycle lengths for cooling, precooling, agitation, and cleaning. Flashing indicator lamps show the current refrigeration or washing cycle, and a digital readout allows easy temperature monitoring. Sentry also has a precooling function to lower the cooler temperature for more efficient cooling during the second and subsequent milkings. A flashing temperature alarm indicates when milk is 44°F (6.6°C) or above, or 34°F (1°C) or below.



Milking Parlor Curtain

Blue Mat

Galavanized Self Locks

Slider Curtain Systems

Sofmat System

Standpipe Mouting System


Step Saver Crowd Gates

The StepSaver Crowd Gate is one of the products that helped get Sikkema’s Equipment off the ground over 30 years ago.  The StepSaver Crowd Gate has been installed on farms throughout the United States, Europe, and South America and has an incredible track record.  We have perfected our crowd gate to where  it is easy to ship and easy to install.  We have made it very affordable and very effective without forgetting the end user, your cows!

Each StepSaver Crowd Gate is built to fit your holding area.  We build it all right here in our shop and usually can ship your order within a matter of days.  Installation is straightforward with our easy to follow instructions.  Electrical hook ups are simple, just plug in to a 120v outlet.  All electrical leads are pre-wired and color coded, you simply need to make a few connections.

The StepSaver Crowd Gate comes with a one year full warranty.